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New Tardy Policy

Arriving late to school or class is not responsible student behavior. All students should arrive at school at least 20 (twenty) minutes before the tardy bell (Monday thru Friday - 7:40 am). A student is tardy for class when not in his/her proper seat at the second bell and is not prepared for the class to begin. Students who are tardy for the first period of the day will receive a $5 fine. Tardies which occur after first period will result in a detention. Habitually tardy students are liable to suspension, probation, or loss of credit. Excessive tardiness will result in referral of the student's record to the Disciplinary Review Board which will make a recommendation to the principal for further action. Students are allowed 5 tardies per semester with a written note from parent/guardian. Every tardy after that, even with a note, will be subject to a fine. Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School reserves the right not to admit tardy students to class.

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