1:1 iPad Program

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Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary High School Implements 1:1 Model for Learning
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why the iPad? What is it used for?
CSHM uses the Apple iPad as a central location for accessing and organizing the learning activities that take place in and outside of the classroom. This has allowed teachers to diversify their instruction to meet the needs of the students. It also gives students the creative ability to showcase their learning in innovative ways.
As a result of the use of the iPad, college preparation occurs beyond the classroom, and beyond the hours of the school day. Teachers routinely post their assignments and grades on the online platform Schoology, in order to cater to the asynchronous learning that is expected of today’s university students. These assignments can include online math homework, online quizzes/tests, online discussions, or even viewing teacher lectures and resources.
One of our primary goals is to ensure that all CSHM students are prepared to complete the tasks in the same manner they are expected to in higher education. At this point, the iPad is the best and most cost efficient choice for CSHM students to practice online assignments, digital citizenship, organization, time management, and critical communication skills.
Will the iPad be used for textbooks?
CSHM utilizes a wide variety of digital resources to enhance the learning process, including, but limited to: apps, videos, websites, wikis, and electronic textbooks. Nearly all required textbooks can be accessed on the iPad, even without an Internet connection. CSHM uses electronic books from the iBooks, Kindle, and Inkling apps. Other electronic books are their own app, or are PDF documents.
Can an Android or Microsoft tablet be used instead?
Currently, the iPad has the highest quality digital textbooks and largest availability of educational apps/resources. In order to give the students the best and most cost efficient college preparatory education and to promote equity amongst all students, the iPad is the only device accepted at this time. We will continue to explore the use of other devices for the future.
Does CSHM have WiFi?
The wireless network is open and spread out throughout the campus, including all classrooms, the cafeteria, and outdoor areas. Students can connect to the WiFi network using the SSID “Cantwell.” On average, students can expect relatively fast Internet connection; devices average about 20 Mbps download, and 20 Mbps upload speeds.
What is provided by the school?
All CSHM students will be given:
Aeries account to access grades online
Schoology account to access and submit online assignments
Access to free WiFi and printing on campus
What iPad or accessories are required? Recommended?

Any iPad form factor is acceptable (standard, mini, etc).
It is suggested that you purchase a model that is currently being sold by apple (it may be a refurbished device).

We suggest purchasing as much memory you can afford.

The device you purchase does not need LTE or a wireless plan.

Note: iPads of generation 4 and older are no longer recommended because they may not run certain apps required by the curriculum.
What apps do I need?
All required and recommended apps will be up to each individual teacher. Apps could include graphing calculators, reference information, or
There are however, apps that students will need across all classes. These include a note-taking application, a web browser, and an e-mail reader.
How do I download the books to the iPad?
All electronic textbooks and book lists can be found on ESCO. Information is available on the ESCO website and our the CSHM YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/cshmhs) to assist with purchasing.
For questions about how the iPads will be used in the classroom, or any additional help contact Mr. Joe Fraley at: [email protected] or call him at (323) 887-2066 x526. He will return all emails and calls within 48 hours.
We truly thank you for supporting our school community in this 1:1 program in order to develop the best and most engaging learning environment for all of our students.