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CSHM Student Prayer

Christ Jesus, you chose me to be special.

Help me to see your vision of my life's journey.

Sacred Heart of Mary, help me to have a pure heart.

St Philip of Jesus, humble me so that I may serve our Lord well.

Mother Mary, take me into your arms, wrap me with the warmth of your love.

CSHM Founders ... Pray for me

St. Philip of Jesus ... Pray for us

Sacred Heart of Mary ... Intercede for us the prayers in our hearts

May Almighty God Bless Us...

Written by Louis H. Metoyer, Campus Minister, 2010 

Chaplain: Fr. Ismael Robles
Campus Minister: Mr.Louis H. Metoyer
Campus Ministry Program Presidents
2024 Rachel Taylor
2023 Keirah Glyniz Martinez
2022 Eneya Hebert
2021 Jesse Acero
2020 Frida Montes
2019 David Padron
2018 Luis Valle
2017 Michael Ruther
2016 Chantal Cervantes
2015 Edward Jimenez
2014 Jenna Escobedo
2013 Janel Gonzalez
2012 Stephanie Rosales
2011 Christian Rodriguez
2010 Robert Lopez
2009 Rozanne Cabrera


Mr. Louis H. Metoyer, Campus Minister

Mr. Philip Lara, Associate Campus Minister, Kairos

Christian Service

The Christian Service Program is under the direction of the Campus Ministry Department and is administered through the religious studies classes. It is an academic requirement and a crucial element of our spiritual program. Freshman students are required to complete 25 service hours, Sophomores 25 service hours per school year. Junior students are required to complete 30 community service hours and seniors are required to complete 35 community service hours.

CSHM Kairos Alumni
If you attended a Kairos at CSHM, please like us on Facebook at CSHM Kairos Alumni so that we can enter you in our Kairos Alumni Database.

"Together We Are God's Team"
The primary responsibility of the Campus Minister and his team is to uncover the spirit of CSHM. To tell the collective story of the religious spirit of the founding, the team will weave together the traditions and words of inspired mottoes with the Mission Statement. Thus, each CSHM graduate will cherish with pride the emblem embossed not only on the diploma but also as it is emblazoned on the heart.