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Consultative Board of Directors

Dr. Alfonso Banuelos, Jr. '72 Internal Medicine, Santa Clara Valley Medicine Center
Mrs. Kimberly Cobos-Cawthorne '98 Former Mayor of Montebello
Mrs. Mari Anne Chan '93 Retired, CSHM College Counselor
Mrs. Renee Fuentes-Campa (Chair) '70 Retired Principal, LAUSD
Mr. Jason Lopez '02 Senior Microsoft Architect, AdaptivEdge
Mr. Jose Jimenez '78 Business Owner, Villa Catrina
Mrs. Anna Marie Silva   Assistant Superintendent of Catholic High Schools, Archdiocese of Los Angeles
Mr. Patrick McDermott '70 CEO, CMA Packaging and Display
Sr. Angela Milioto, RSHM   Alumni Relations Coordinator, Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary
Sr. Mary Leah Plante, RSHM '60 Historian, Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
Mr. David Sosnowski 02 Director of Recreation & Community Services, City of Montebello