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To All Freshmen, Sophomore, and Juniors:

Even thinking about beginning the college application process may seem daunting and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many resources to help you feel confident in your abilities to apply to and get into a college that is the best fit for you.

Slate magazine has published a podcast that follows four high school seniors as they navigate the college application and admission process. Not only will you hear about the challenges they’ve encountered and regrets they have, but you will also hear about their hopes and triumphs. Throughout the episodes, admissions representatives from top schools will help demystify the application process and offer practical advice on applications and essays. This resource is meant to help you not only survive the process, but to thrive through it.

This is a great free resource that you can take advantage of. Listen to it while doing chores, while walking or even just while sitting down and relaxing. There are several episodes, here is a link for the first:


Free SAT Test Preparation for Everyone

The College Board and Khan Academy are partnering to provide online SAT® test-preparation programs and resources entirely free of charge. For the first time ever, all students will have access to the best exam practice available, regardless of educational background or ability to pay for preparation.


World-Class Online Preparation

They will be providing comprehensive practice materials that will be personalized, interactive, and engaging. The online tool will serve students and educators alike with:

 Personalized tutorials on test content

 Official SAT practice questions and full-length tests

 Comprehensive reporting for students

 Access anytime, anywhere — for free

Availability of Practice Materials Beginning in June 2015 — well in advance of the launch of the redesigned SAT — Khan Academy will release an interactive and personalized practice program for the redesigned SAT that will be powered by thousands of practice problems, co-developed by the College Board and Khan Academy.

For students taking the current SAT (administered up until March 2016), they have made many free practice resources available. On the College Board site (

 SAT Question of the Day (also available as an iOS and Android app)

 Sample practice questions

 Official full-length SAT On the Khan Academy site (

 Hundreds of previously unreleased SAT questions

 200 preparation videos

For more information: Visit and

Please be sure to check out the links below for enrichment and scholarship opportunities.

College Counseling Links

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Mrs. Chan has assembled a page of links to help you plan, prepare, and pay for college. If you find a broken link or think of one that we should add, please let us know!

Timeline and Important Dates For Seniors
Worried that you might be falling behind? Please take a look at the timeline (attached below) so you are aware of all of the important deadlines that you need to meet.

College Financial Aid
How to pay for college is without a doubt one of the most significant challenges facing families today. The search for financial aid to meet the rising cost of a college education will become a major priority for many. January marks the beginning of the financial aid application season and the time to make important decisions about paying for college. Click here to continue reading about financial aid.




Useful Resources for the College Application Process