Financial Aid

In order for students to be able to afford college, filling out FAFSA is crucial. Below, you will see two links, one will guide you to the FSA ID the other one to FAFSA.
Step 1: One parent and child have to create an FSA ID, each. Click here to work on your FSA ID.
The purpose of the FSA ID is for the parent and child to be able to sign and complete the FAFSA electronically.
Step 2: Once the FSA ID has been created, the student has to work on the FAFSA, click here to work on FAFSA.
The information provided on FAFSA will be distributed to all the universities listed by the student. Once the university accepts the student, they will then start working on a financial aid package. This package describes the type of aid the student will receive. For more details on the different types of aid, feel free to click on the powerpoints below.
For specific questions, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].
Scholarship Resources
Many retail stores and chain restaurants offer scholarships, feel free to find those links on google. However, the following are more scholarship resources for our seniors: