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Important Websites

The following websites will be crucial as our seniors start applying to college:
  • To apply for the Cal States click here - minimum GPA requirement is a 2.0
  • To apply for the UC's click here - minimum GPA requirement is a 3.0
  • To apply for over 900 private/ public universities in and out of state, click here (common app)- GPA requirement varies
  • To request letters of recommendation, go through Cialfo, click here
College Admission Tests:
The CSU/UC system have not officially announced whether fall 2022 applicants will need to test, however, you can find the links to register to test:
  • To register for the SAT, click here
  • To register for the ACT, click here
Financial Aid:
For financial aid and scholarship links, click on the financial aid tab on the top right side.