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Bachelor's Degree of Arts, University of California, Los Angeles
Master's Degree of Arts, California State University, Los Angeles
California Clear Teaching Credential 
"Education is what remains when one has forgotten everything he has learned in school"
-Albert Einstein 
Ms. Christine Shaw is a product of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles educational system and has been both a teacher and administrator in Catholic education for over twenty-one years.  Her philosophy centers on the intrinsic value of raising expectations and challenging students to meet them.  She believes that nothing replaces the "ah ha" moment "when that light bulb goes on" and a student feels pride in themselves and their ability.  Moreover, she believes that educators teach so much more than their stated curriculum, in that they are forming spiritually and emotionally mature individuals who will be successful in college or university, and in all facets of life.  As an administrator, Ms. Shaw's philosophy remains the same where she works with faculty daily to foster high morale, provide professional development opportunities and the time to attend them and meets or checks-in with individuals often to inquire how she can support them.  In short, Ms. Shaw loves her career and the faculty, staff, parents and students that she serves, and she feels blessed to be a part of the CSHM family.