CSHM College Prep & A-G Requirements


C.S.H.M. High School provides a full four year college preparatory curriculum in accordance with the requirements of the University of California, California State University, and all other major four year colleges and universities.  Because we are a California high school, our college preparatory curriculum is aligned specifically with that of California universities. 


To “meet and/or exceed” admission requirements into a 4 year university a student must complete what the U.C. and C.S.U. systems call the “A—G Requirements.”


A. History / Social Sciences   2 to 3 Years  3 years 
B. English / Composition and Literature 4 Years 4 Years
C. Mathematics 2 to 4 Years 3 Years
D. Laboratory Science 2 to 3 Years / 4 is Recommended 2 Years
E .Language other than English 2 to 3 Years / 4 is Recommended 2 Years
F. Visual & Performing Arts 1 Year 1 Year
G. College Electives 1 Year 1 Year 
* Meeting the “A—G Subject Requirement” for the UC / CSU system is programmed into the CSHM curriculum beginning freshman year: 

* Meeting the “A—G requirement” is programmed into the CSHM college preparatory curriculum.


A. History/Social Sciences (CSHM requires 3 years) 
Freshmen take World History or Honors World History;
Juniors take U.S. History or Honors U.S. History; 
Seniors take Government & Economics or Honors Government & Economics


B. English  (CSHM requires 4 years)            
Freshmen take Literature or Honors Literature;                                                                      
Sophomores take Literature or Honors Literature;                                                                       
Juniors take Literature, Honors Literature, or AP Language;
Seniors take Literature, Honors or AP Literature                                                                 


C. Mathematics (CSHM requires 3 years)                        
Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors are required to take Math.
Only Seniors may elect not to take a Math class.
Math levels range from Pre-algebra (Freshmen) to AP Calculus BC (Juniors and Seniors).


       *Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all Math classes to progress to the next level in Math.    


D. Laboratory Science (CSHM requires 2 years)
Selected Freshmen take Honors Biology;

Sophomores take Biology or Honors Biology;

Juniors take Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, or Physics;

Seniors take Physics, AP Physics, or AP Biology.

*Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” in laboratory classes (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) and meet math requirement to progress to the next level in science.


E. Language Other Than English (CSHM requires 2 years)
Freshmen can take Spanish as World Language;
Sophomores take the second year of the same language, or are selected to enroll in AP Spanish Language; selected Juniors and Seniors may take
AP Spanish Language


F. Visual and Performing Arts (CSHM requires 1 year)

Freshmen may select Studio Art or Drama;

selected Sophomores enroll in Drama II;

Juniors and Seniors may take any Fine Art from C.S.H.M.’s list of courses, including AP Studio Art


A grade of “D” in any of the above courses must be made up or the course cannot be used to satisfy the University of California “A—G requirement.”